I am now Dr. Sarsenbayeva :)

I am so thrilled to announce that I have received my PhD today and I am now officially Dr. Zhanna Sarsenbayeva! :) It was an amazing journey and I enjoyed every single moment of it! I am so grateful to my life and my universe that it worked exactly this way! This journey was full of joy, success, happiness, love, fun, exciting trips, karaoke singing, surprises, new contacts, connections and opportunities!

I am eternally grateful to my supervisors - Dr. Jorge Goncalves and Prof. Vassilis Kostakos for guiding me through my PhD with so much wisdom, encouragement, support, kindness, care and concern. I could not have dreamt of better supervisors! I am also forever grateful to my family and my friends for their tremendous support and always being there for me.

My Thesis is now online and available for open access. I am now happy to enter the Academic Life being Dr. Sarsenbayeva and look forward to what future holds :)

Written on May 18, 2020